Angels Fall

Обложка альбома Angels FallListen to the heartfelt, acoustic-driven rock songs that fill Angels Fall's debut album Yesterday's Gone and the intentions of the music's creator, singer-songwriter Joel Jorgensen, are crystal clear. "My goal is for people to attach a memory to the songs when they hear them, because that's what music did for me when I was younger," Jorgensen explains. "It would become part of me; part of a situation. Now, when I listen to Alice In Chains' Unplugged album, it takes me way back to hanging out at keg parties in the mountains in Colorado, playing those songs on my guitar. It's powerful when music has that kind of effect." As frontman for the Los Angeles-based rock band Angels Fall, Jorgensen will have plenty of opportunity to help his listeners create their own memories when Epic Records releases Yesterday's Gone. Produced by Mike Flynn (The Fray, Augustana) and Warren Huart, and co-produced by Jorgensen, Yesterday's Gone is a showcase for Jorgensen's rich, emotionally transparent voice, melodic gifts, and keen lyrical insights about love and the human condition on songs like first single "Drunk Enough," "Call On Me," "Good Bye To You," and the title track.
  • Трек: Angels Fall
  • Исполнитель (артист): Breaking Benjamin
  • Длительность 3:48
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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  • Видео клип "Breaking Benjamin - Angels Fall"

    • 4:28
      Angel FallGood Boy
    • 3:42
      Angel FallSpring
    • 5:56
      Angel FallDsong
    • 6:48
      SkilletAngels Fall Down
    • 5:34
      NightwishAngels Fall First
    • 2:03
      Angel FallL'empreinte II
    • 3:05
      Angel FallSous la neige
    • 3:42
      Angel FallDors
    • 5:22
      Beyond The BlackWhen Angels Fall
    • 6:37
      Angel FallAccepte
    • 3:49
      The Rock MastersAngels Fall
    • 7:17
      Angel FallShow
    • 5:13
      Morbid AngelFall From Grace
    • 6:22
      SkilletAngels Fall Down (Comes Alive Version)
    • 4:06
      Angel FallL'empreinte
    • 3:33
      AngelI'll Never Fall In Love Again
    • 3:01
      Angel FallSweet Summer Bird
    • 5:28
      Pride And FallThe Angel at the Pillar
    • 8:41
      AmederiaAngel's Fall
    • 4:39
      Melissa EtheridgeAngels Would Fall
    • 5:47
      Death AngelLet the Pieces Fall
    • 4:49
      Morbid AngelThe Fall of Idols
    • 4:22
      Angel FallL'herbe folle
    • 7:49
      StingWhen The Angels Fall
    • 4:24
      Angel FallUn jour d'été
    • 4:11
      Angel FallBarques
    • 7:28
      SkilletAngels Fall Down (Album Version)
    • 6:45
      Music Box AngelsFall Leaves' Lullaby
    • 3:57
      Balaam And The AngelDid You Fall (Or Were You Pushed?)
    • 5:22
      LonewolfWhen the Angels Fall
    • 6:48
      VeloAngel Fall
    • 3:32
      The Fall the RiseAn Angel Inside All of Us
    • 3:45
      Angel CorpseThe Fall Of The Idols Of Flesh
    • 4:01
      After The FallAngel Light
    • 3:10
      The FallHark the Herald Angels Sing
    • 3:39
      digital angelThe sky won't fall
    • 3:47
      digital angelthe sky won't fall
    • 4:10
      DJ SatomiThe Fall Of Angels
    • 7:20
      Pasta Tasty SoundWhen the Angels Fall
    • 3:20
      Unknown artistAngels Fall
    • 3:20
      Rachèl LouiseAngels Fall
    • 3:52
      Sol InvictusAngels Fall (Let Us Prey Version)
    • 2:53
      Sol InvictusAngels Fall (Against the Modern World Version)
    • 4:24
      Maria Haukaas StorengEven Angels Fall
    • 5:01
      HelstarAngels Fall to Hell
    • 3:18
      The House Of CapricornWatching Angels Fall
    • 4:29
      AthornAngel of the Fall
    • 4:10
      Pride And FallEssence of Angels